Color Properties of Crystals

A Quick Guide to your Crystal Selection

Each crystal emits colour prana which has certain healing properties. Identify the best crystal for you as per its colour properties.

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The Healing Company has a vision to revolutionise lives and provide healing solutions for physical and emotional well-being with Pranic Healing tools and techniques.

Come and experience it yourself to be rejuvenated, revitalized and recharged with our team of finest healers onboard.


“It's always been a wonderful experience when we visit to buy crystals, the quality and variety what we get is absolutely too good. Also Mr. Jainil and Kushang will guide you through the details if you aren't sure which crystal to be purchased. All my crystal collection is from this shop! Thank you”

- Smriti KV

“The store is full of various crystals and stones. Picked up some stuff. Loving it”

- Shailendra H

“Well best option for Pranic healers and all healers working with the crystals for the purpose of good. Pranic healing uses the best crystals suggested by the GMCKS, he himself designed the best shape
for every purpose. As this is established by master himself. the crystal available here are the best”

- Divya B

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Hemal Crystal offers a wide range of unique crystal products exquisitely created to suit your purpose and needs. Come and explore this section to select the best crystal which suits your requirement.


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Tips from our Experts

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