Why Use Crystal Pyramids?

The ancient Egyptians saw the pyramid shape as one which drew powerful energy from the earth and focused it up and out through the pointed apex of the shape. Some people speculate that the famous pyramids built around the world were designed to focus energy from the earth to beings far out in the universe. When you use a crystal pyramid, you are drawing the energy up through the earth into the crystalline structure and directing it out to wherever the pyramid is pointing. With this shape, the energy being released from the apex is concentrated and may be too intense for some people. In that case, a crystal sphere or massager may be more appropriate as they release a gentler energy. When you want to control and focus large amounts of energy, a pyramid is your tool of choice. How to Use Crystal Pyramids You’ll find it convenient to have several coloured crystal pyramids, each made of a different healing crystal so you can choose the best one for the type of work you wish to do as per the colour properties of stones. For example: • Amethyst will boost your spiritual energy and clear blocked energy. • Rose Quartz will help to harmonise relationship and increase loving energies. • Clear Quartz will boost healing energy and restore balance. • Black Agate will encase you in protective energy and reduce any negative energy around you.