We have put together a list of our most frequently asked questions to help answer some of the questions you may have! If you need additional assistance or have any other questions, please email us at info@hemalcrystal.com We are happy to answer all questions you may have!

Choosing a crystal

Choosing a crystal can be overwhelming. There are so many options! How do you know which one you need at this moment? Healing with crystals is a very individualized experience. You may really connect with a particular crystal, while someone else may gravitate towards a different crystal—even if you’re using the crystal for the same intention.

First Things to do with new crystals

First you want to cleanse your crystals. Then you want to set your intention for your crystal or jewellery. Once you’ve done both of those things, you can explore the different ways to use crystals.

How to cleanse crystals

Once you've picked out your crystal or jewellery, it's important that you cleanse it to clear the energy of the many hands that touched it before you. We recommend running a new crystal under clean water and then placing it outside under the sun or moon for a few hours. Next, light some sandalwood incense and infuse the crystal or jewellery in the sacred smoke. Lastly, to clear any lingering or stagnant energy in the crystal, place it in a room with high-vibrational music playing like mantras. We find this simple four-step process of water, sun or moon energy, sacred smoke, and music cleanses the crystals on a multi-vibrational level.

How to set an intention

Intentions help us invite a specific energy and goal into our life. Sometimes daily intentions are designed to contribute to a larger, longer-term goal, such as an intention of meditating daily to have better health. Other times intentions are mindsets purely for that specific day or moment, like expressing gratitude for a person or situation. Setting intentions allows you to connect with the energy of your crystal or jewellery to help bring your goals or mental shifts to life.

Wholesale and Customised orders

We do cater to wholesale inquires and also can customise or manufacture crystal as per client’s requirement, so do connect to us on email or phone

My crystals are not working

Crystals work to amplify the energy you are putting out into the universe. In order for the crystal to work, you have to work. Set your intention and connect with its energy. Cleanse your crystal often and put out the energy you wish to receive. Then be patient. The crystals will bring you what you need exactly when you need it. Be open to receiving in a way that is different than you expected. For example, to bring in wealth, you may set the intention of working hard and earning a promotion, however the universe may guide you to a new venture. Keep an open mind and notice what signs the universe is sending your way to guide you.

Also keep in mind that healing and "the work" isn’t always unicorns and rainbows. You may have experienced a lot of emotions or be confronted with things you don’t wish to face, which are energetic blocks. By connecting with your crystal to keep you calm, centred and knowing during this time and allowing these things to be addressed, you’ll be able move forward. Once you are able to break through these blocks, you’ll experience a clear message on how to achieve your intention.

Using or wearing multiple crystal at once

Before you combine different crystals, start by using one at a time. Set your intention for your first crystal and use it for few days. Notice how its energy affects your day, your mind and spirit. You can definitely wear multiple crystals with different set intension which don’t contradict to each other.

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