How to take care of crystals?

How to take care of crystals Most crystals and gemstones, rough or cut, on their own or in jewelry, will pick up negative or unwanted energies over time. They are a bit like sponges absorbing and reacting to the environment’s energies. Our crystals need to be renewed regularly, we feel so much better with our daily showers, and similarly our gemstones need to be washed off their psychic dirt to be at their best. When people handle crystals their energies remain in the stones. Can you imagine when you buy crystals at stores think of how many others have handled these stones. In order for your crystals to be free and radiate positive clean energies they need to be cleansed and charged. Crystals and stones that are used for crystal healing or energy work should be cleared and cleansed of negative energy prior to any the work. You will also find that clearing stones makes them more cheerful and positive to have around. Here are a number of methods that are commonly used to clear crystals and stones to restore their bright, happy, vibrant energy. Use whichever suits you and your crystals best. Whichever method you choose, focus on using it with intention of clearing negative and unwanted energies from the crystal. To clean and maintain your crystals: 1) Washing them in flowing water (Streams or tap water or soak them in salt water or ocean water) 2) Exposing them to sunlight 3) Cleansing with the fumes of sandalwood incense 4) Ask the Divine or Pray: This a simple ritual, but it does work wonderfully. Simply ask the Divine (God/Goddess/Universe/etc.) to clear and energetically cleanse your crystal for you. You can also simply ask the crystal to clear itself. Form your request with specific intent and ask in a meditative or prayerful frame of mind. Something like “O Great Divine, please clear all unwanted energies from this crystal for the best and highest good of all concerned. Thank you. Amen.” would be a good specific request. The details should be changed to fit your own beliefs and needs. 5) Sound: Use a melodic gong, Tibetan prayer bells, a bell, chanting OM to clear unwanted energies from your crystal. Hold the crystal and sound the gong, etc next to it, passing the crystal through the sound waves to clear it. To store your clean and charged crystals: To avoid contamination, store your clean and charged crystals in silk cloth or silk bags to prevent it from becoming contaminated with unwanted energies To know more about how to clean and charge crystals systematically we highly recommend Grand master choa kok sui’s pranic crystal healing course