Laser Crystal

What is Laser Crystal?

“A laser quartz crystal is not really a laser. It is just a label given to a long thin quartz crystal with a pointed tip. Sometimes the end of the crystal may have two pointed tips. The Pranic energy that comes out of the pointed tip is focused or concentrated while the surrounding portion is dispersed. A laser crystal can be used for cleansing and energizing. When the tip of the laser crystal is used for cleansing, it is like using high-pressured water to clean the floor. The concentrated energy of the laser crystal makes cleansing more effective.”

Grand Master Choa Kok Sui

Pranic Crystal Healing Pg no. 42-43

This specially designed crystal healing wand has facets ranging from 16-36 with a rounded base and a projecting point. This design is carefully crafted considering the safety of the healer, giving maximum output in healing. The term ‘laser’ is most commonly associated to Pranic Healing.

How to select a Laser Crystal?

There are three important factors considered in selecting an appropriate laser crystal for you.


Usually, the Laser Crystal is held between the thumb, the forefinger and the middle finger with the receiving end outside the palm. Considering the average hand size, the length of the laser crystal should be minimum 10 cm (4 inches) to allow for easy handling and to minimize contamination of the healer. The healer can go for longer lengths for better comfort and effectivity.


Weight of the crystal is an important factor in choosing your Laser crystal. When the weight increases the intensity of the Pranic energy projected increases. The weight of the laser crystal should also correspond with the length of the laser crystal. The average weight for a beginner crystal should be around 80g. For proficient healers one can use a Laser Crystal in the range 150-300g. Heavier the crystal, the stronger it is, so choose your crystal according to these criteria.


The clarity of the crystal plays a vital role in the quality of the healing. When the laser crystal is used for healing, the energy enters through the base of the laser crystal and is projected through the point. If there are any impurities or inclusions in the crystal, then the amount of energy projected is reduced making it less effective compared to a clearer crystal. But ones with inclusions can also provide powerful results which is sufficient for beginner crystal.

These crystals are manufactured from natural clear quartz rocks which are mined from mother earth. There are natural grains, cuts and impurities which develop during the formation of the rock. The availability of clear rocks is scarce, so the ones which are clearer in quality are more expensive compared to the ones with inclusions.

Importance of 32/36 faceted crystal

The facets in a crystal are the faces or the lines on the laser crystals. As per GMCKS’ guideline the number of facets can vary from 16 to 36 facets. Normally the laser crystals are manufactured with 16 facets, however, if the number of facets is increased the crystal performs better as the energy penetrates more effectively, so it’s able to remove dirty energies from the chakras and the aura better. The best advised laser crystals are ones with 32 or 36 facets for more proficient healing experience.

Laser Crystal with Gold insertion

These laser crystals are inserted with gold at the base. Since there is a limitation on the gold prana, we produce GMCKS came out with this design where we utilise the gold prana from the gold inserted to the crystal. When healing with gold crystal each colour projected gets infused with gold prana, producing better healing results. Gold prana has strengthening and regenerating properties making it a powerful crystal to heal with. The quality of Gold inserted to the crystals is 22 carat and the weight could vary from 1.5-2g depending on the size of the crystal.

Coloured Laser Crystal

Clear Quartz Laser crystals are the most powerful crystals as it has an ability to project all colour pranas. However, there are laser crystals available in several coloured crystals like amethyst, green aventurine, rose quartz, etc. which can be used to project its specific colour prana, making it convenient to use in specific protocols. These coloured laser crystals are wonderful add-ons to your clear quartz laser crystals.

Important Note

Due to high demand in clean crystals, a lot of processed or synthetic crystals are manufactured by different vendors. These crystals are less powerful and don’t contain the potency to retain energies and can be harmful for the healer. These crystals when tested are not detected as synthetic crystal in local laboratories, it can be only tested in a reputed lab to get accurate results.

How to select your Laser Crystal in a gist by Mrs. Hemal Shah

The above guidelines will bring more clarity and understanding in selecting an appropriate crystal for your healings. To make it convenient to purchase, we have categorized these crystals as follows. To further narrow down the options you can use the filters of length, weight and price.

If you are yet confused between options, Crystals have consciousness, so they will naturally attract you…

You can Buy your crystal from the below category

High Grade

With Few Inclusions

With Inclusions

32 & 36 Faceted

Gold inserted

Coloured Laser Crystal

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