Multi Fluorite Pyramid-4-5 cm


$10.00 USD
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Color: Green

Pyramids are excellent shape for focusing energy through the apex making it a powerdul tool for programing for a purpose. Multi Fluorite, a dazzling combination of various fluorite colors, is celebrated for its diverse healing properties. It is believed to enhance mental clarity and focus, promoting better decision-making and learning abilities. Multi Fluorite is associated with emotional healing, reducing stress and anxiety, and fostering a sense of peace and tranquility. Additionally, it is thought to stimulate creativity and intuition, making it a valuable crystal for artistic pursuits and spiritual growth. This Multi Fluorite Pyramid base is 4-5 cm, weighing 80-140 g. Multi Fluorite helps in enhancing mental clarity, promoting emotional healing and tranquility, and stimulating creativity and intuition.

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