Green Aventurine Ball-300-350 g


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Color: Green


Weight: 250 - 500 g

250 - 500 g
Balls shaped stones are excellent as activators and are believed to radiate energy equally in all directions. They can be programmed according to the healing properties of the each stone for your use. Blue Aventurine embodies a strong energy which resonates within both the throat and third eye chakras. Their vibration is known to enhance your psychic abilities. Often the abilities you are developing are gifts that you have previously been unwilling to admit you had, that are strengthened by the energy of these blue crystals. These crystals may enhance your aptitude for communication, and they may also assist you to be more eloquent when called for. This Blue Aventurine Ball weighs between 150-200 g. Blue Aventurine helps in increasing Creativity, Intuitiveness and good for greater Intellectual capacity.

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