Lapis Lazuli Angel


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Color: Blue

These Crystals have been hand-cut and polished into the shape of an Angel with wings. The beautiful shape and the wonderful vibration of the crystal makes it a powerful energy tools. These Angels that make great gifts. Lapis Lazuli, a captivating deep blue crystal, is celebrated for its diverse healing properties. It is believed to enhance inner wisdom, promoting a deeper connection to the higher self and spiritual awareness. Lapis Lazuli is associated with stimulating the intellect and enhancing mental clarity and creativity. This crystal is thought to bring emotional healing, easing feelings of stress and anxiety, and fostering a sense of inner peace and serenity. Additionally, Lapis Lazuli is believed to support communication and self-expression, making it a valuable tool for effective and honest communication. This Crystal angel is 4-5 cm (appx 2 inch) in height. Lapis Lazuli helps in Creativity, communication, Intuitiveness & good for greater intellectual capacity & Spirituality.

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